The Best Antivirus for Mac Computers

Mac is a vastly different beast compared to Windows. It means that many threats are foreign to Windows users, but concern Mac OS users. Due to differences in architecture and design, it`s slightly harder to infect with a virus. On the other hand, only a small amount of people uses Mac. There is less incentive for hackers to attack these machines. Still, it does not mean that you should not search for the Antivirus Software for Mac.

Top 7 Best Antivirus for Mac

You do not need to get the best antivirus exclusively. Most software publishers that focus on AV solutions have options for users. You will see a lot of recognizable names on our list of TOP 4 great antivirus software.

  • Avast. Avast focuses on protecting you from attacks that are incoming from Wi-Fi networks. The Pro-version will also protect from malware that blocks your computer and asks for money. The great thing is that you can get Avast for free.
  • TotalAV. Their solution works fine. The price of the package is good. The overall kit provides a variety of protection tools. It is a great all-around choice for people who need a good AV program but would like to save money. There are versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. A 30-days money-back guarantee gives you an option to use it for free for a whole month.
  • Kaspersky. It is yet another antivirus can stand behind. With more than 20 years of experience, this brand delivers high-quality solutions. It works well for most devices. Improved protection of banking, additional encryption, and more.
  • Bullguard. If you are looking for a budget variant, this is it. You do not need to overpay for high-quality security. This program costs only $27 per year. The kit does not have anything fancy. You will get a powerful antivirus tool, but not much else.
  • MacKeeper. A specialized tool for computers. It comes at a high price of $79 per year. This price is noticeably higher compared to the market median. Most solutions cost less than $50 annually. Is it worth the price? If you need an AV solution tailored for Macs, then yes.
  • ScanGuard. Another budget solution. You can get this product for less than $25 annually. It works well against most common internet threats. Do not expect anything outstanding. It will not let you down but may fail to block intricate, subtle infections that may harm your device in the long run.
  • Avira. A good product at a reasonable price. It costs under $40 per year. Avira is an award-winning brand famous among many experts. One of the problems is that it requires a lot of system resources to work effectively.

Choose Antivirus for Mac

Sadly, it does not exist. Some apps are better than others, but each has weaknesses and upsides. If you are looking for the best virus protection, consider using one of the products listed above.