How did we chose the participants for antivirus review?

 It may seem like there’s no big difference between antiviruses they all just defend your computer, right? But the difference exists, and it’s pretty substantial. As you will learn from this best antivirus software review, a good anti-malware should not only detect threats efficiently, which is quite a challenge by itself for the self-proclaimed leaders in a computer protection, but also neutralize targeted attacks, be simple in use, have multiple functions except from the basic one, and, of course, use resources mindfully and not overload computer system. The combination of those features is what allowed in the following top. They are the products you want to test on your computer, and we?d highly recommend to try them in work in order to define your personal winner. So, with no delay, here are the best antivirus reviews 2019 we?ve written for your convenience.

Top 4 Antivirus Review: We Will Help You To Protect Your Computer From Malware

1. Norton Security

Our kick-off top rated antivirus 2019 review is about the product you won’t often meet in tops, but which is, at the same time, quite popular in small circles of computer geeks. Norton Security is an underestimated product, which provides clients with everything they might possibly need to protect their devices however, not much more above that. Norton Security works perfectly both on Windows 10 and Windows 7. On the actual performance tests, it always shows impressive results protection is able to detect almost all the infections the system is contaminated with (including zero-day malware), and neutralize them successfully. The cons of the software are its limited functionality and a deplorable tendency for false alarms.

In the list of the functions Norton Security provides (even in case of the priciest variant of the service package, which costs $110 per year), you won’t find such essentials as file encryption, a VPN service or a secure Web browsing extension. We recommend choosing Norton Security products among the others if you need a lightweight, reliable, comparatively cheap assistant which won’t steal too much of your computer performance and will provide you with the classical set of services for the computer’s protection.

2. McAfee

The product you may know thanks to its eccentric founder, McAfee antivirus was a leader in the anti-malware market in 2012. Since then lots of things have changed the product saw both ups and downs, but recently in 2017 it again came onto our antivirus review 2019 radars because of the brand-new computer-scanning engine this AV acquired. Since then McAfee deservedly didn’t miss any software review and we’re not going to ruin that tradition. McAfee is the type of software which doesn’t burden your computer too much while providing top-rated protection from any threats.

In practical tests McAfee traditionally scores 100% result, being on the same level of the security as the other more expensive and less diverse contestants. Talking about the price, McAfee probably has the best price/quality ratio for the service package of $60 per year you’ll receive at least 10 device licenses and tons of additional functions you’ll definitely enjoy, including the owner’s identity protection, ransomware, and anti-spam filters, password manager etc. All in all, McAfee offers its clients flawless protection accompanied by the reasonable prices and some interesting functions for software’s personalization.

3. Kaspersky

Whoever reviews best antivirus software, he would always put Kaspersky products at some places in the top, and we, as you may have already learned, are conservative in such things. Kaspersky products are heavy artillery against the malware of any complexity, date of creation or intelligence. This software finds and destroys it, leaving no chance for your computer to be contaminated after a single regular check-out. This is the best option for people whose devices are in a high-risk zone (public WiFi usage, uncertified sites surfing). However, to be such a powerful weapon, you have to sacrifice some other parameters of your work.

For Kaspersky, these parameters are the speed, as well as the performance of the whole computer during the scanning. Kaspersky antivirus burdens your system, significantly slowing down all of the other applications ? knowing this from our earlier review, you may already choose or choose not this product for your device’s defense. An article about Kaspersky can go under the name of The Best Free Antivirus Review, as soon as it has a free basic version of the product for customers to feel the taste of really powerful protection.

4. Bitdefender

Bitdefender has the best review site, which, however, is not the main reason why it takes the first place in our top. Bitdefender is really good, and this is not a secret for anyone: earlier we’ve even called it the best antivirus for Windows OS. This AV collects everything good from the previous reviews and gets rid out of pointless, heavy functions. Users, who chose Bitdefender as the main defender, noted that the computer with this antivirus works even faster than the computer with only a Windows Defender protection  such an unlogical result is explained with the System Boost function this antimalware has.

Whether you don’t trust your WiFi connection, or you need protection on your gaming laptop, be sure that Bitdefender will suit both of those scenarios perfectly. Software review points out the abundance of the functions in this anti-malware both in a free and paid versions. With so many possibilities for personalization, you can customize a work of the antivirus it in the most convenient way only for your style of computer’s usage. Bitdefender is comparatively cheap, but this doesn’t extend on the quality of the protection it offers. You can choose this product for any operating system, including Mac, Android, and iOS, and be sure that not even a line of the malicious code will spoil your everyday plans.

Summarizing The 2019 Antivirus Reviews

To get the best protection for your computer there’s no more need to read dozens of controversial articles ? we?ve collected 4 antivirus products among which you?re free to choose the most promising and suitable product only for your computer or laptop. We hope our efforts will help you with a correct final decision!