The best business antivirus in 2019

An effective protection of corporate information is the other side of any business. This subject is rarely talked about, but you shouldn’t underestimate its importance. It’s necessary to maintain an information privacy without hazarding. Inasmuch as businessmen are very busy people who have a tight schedule, they need a virtual assistant who will stand guard over their security. It’s about an antivirus. This article points out what features a program should have. What is more, we offer you a list of the most reliable security programs.

What is the business antivirus?

Information related to the business is most often at risk of a hacker attack. Intruders are looking for new ways to get illegal access to the device ? meaning any PC, tablet or phone. Fortunately, the best antivirus for business has a regularly updated security package that recognizes an external threat (including recently created ones) and prevents data from being downloaded by hackers. Unlike a free program or software for personal use, corporate protection has a centralized management system and ensures server security. Let’s consider this type of program in more detail with clear examples.

The best antivirus for small business: our trusted recommendation

If your data needs round-the-clock protection against cyber threats, we offer to investigate and find out which antivirus for business is the best option you can hope for. Here are today’s suitable programs:

  1. Panda Antivirus Pro
  2. Avast Business Antivirus Pro
  3. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

Panda Antivirus Pro is supplied with two versions (free and premium). The first one has all the features of a typical antivirus. Its capabilities can be expanded by purchasing an annual license. The customer will receive:

  • high-grade technical support;
  • control over installed apps;
  • personal firewall that is easy to use;
  • monitoring Wi-Fi and checking its security;
  • virtual keyboard for having stronger passwords;
  • the ability to install the software on Android and iOS devices.

Avast business antivirus offers a continuous protection against malware, as well as a spam filtering and a firewall expansion. The client will be able to use the trial version and learn more about the program’s ability:

  • blocking threats and detecting infected files;
  • checking open web pages? security;
  • protecting from any encrypted malicious data;
  • banning an unauthorized access to user files;
  • turning off the sound for a while to provide more comfortable use of the PC.

Using the F-Secure Antivirus SAFE, any customer can count on secure online purchases. This program has an extremely friendly interface and consumes little hard disk space. The antivirus software for business doesn’t impact much in the operating system, but at the same time it performs the following functions:

  • data analysis for protecting their soft spots;
  • firewall extension to prevent downloading malicious files and changing DNS;
  • spam protection (disabled by default);
  • blocking sites of undesirable categories (parental control);
  • filtering of search results;
  • limiting the time of using a PC, as well as the Internet.

Buying any license means maximum data protection and thus securing your business.