Norton Antivirus Review: advantages and drawbacks

Norton is considered to be one of the most trusted software in the world. Despite minor downsides, the antivirus solution does a good job it is actually meant for ? protecting your computer against viruses, worms and spyware devices. Norton internet security is also known as one of the best. Once you install the software on your device, it will conduct regular scans of the computer and of the files which you download and emails which you open. The manual scan is also possible. [maxbutton id=”3″ ] The algorithm is simple ? Norton compares the code in your program files with a database of virus signatures and analyzes the body of the code to define potential harmful programming.

If the file is safe, Norton will later check its effects when you open the file. If the antivirus software suspects a virus it will either heal the file or remove it. However, sometimes Norton is unable to remove a file and it will let you know that your device is under a threat. In addition, Norton security suite offers anti-phishing services, points at potentially dangerous links and gives protection from other online threats. The software has the following advantages:

  • You get the money back guarantee for all packages except the Basic Plan. In case a Norton professional fails to remove a virus from your device, you will get the refund.
  • According to the antivirus review, it operates for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android equally well. Some competitors do not provide such a privilege.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface.

However, there are some downsides of the software:

  • Very limited Basic Plan. It offers defense against viruses for one Windows PC only. If you want to protect other devices and/or get customer support, you must purchase the Standard Plan or upper.
  • Norton sets limits on the number of devices it can protect depending on the package. And it can be either one device, five or ten, no choice in between.
  • Basic Norton antivirus review shows that there are certain features which you must purchase additionally. For example, Norton?s VPN service, PC cleaning tool and more. The same features come with standard plans of some competitors.
  • If compared to other software, Norton has a high percentage of false alarms, meaning that it defines safe programs as a threat.
  • The software is not very effective when dealing with adware.

Norton antivirus review: how to protect your device

Norton can help protect your computer and other devices from harmful programming. The software is easy to download. Also, Norton antivirus free review shows that it has a simple control center which allows customizing the protection level. There are several packages and plans which you can choose based on your needs. You may also decide to buy other services to protect your device and Wi-Fi/VPN.

One of the specialties is Norton Family Premier which will help your kids browse the Internet safely and for the limited period of time. Norton download is simple but make sure your device fulfills certain system requirements. Also, read the Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details carefully before making the purchase.