Windows VPN

If you are looking for a best free VPN Windows you are in the right place!

Today i will tell you my opinion and personal experience with some of the most popular free VPNs on the market, so that you can choose the best one among many options.

-SoftEther VPN:

SoftEther is an open source based VPN that has strong resistance against firewalls and features hardened encryption based on AES 256 bit and RSA 4096 bit encryptions. It also gives 1 Gbps of high speed to use, as well as low memory and CPU usage. You can choose many servers from the list depending of the location you are looking for. This free VPN is my far the best i have seen on this category and it´s the one i highly recommend you to check it out!


This one is personally one of my favourites. On the free version there is the limitation of 500 Megabytes every month of usage, so this one is recommended if you won´t make long use of it. It´s very easy to use and it has a fairly strong encryption.

-Opera VPN:

If you use Opera browser, it has a built-in VPN you can access and activate through the settings in the configuration, It´s free of charge and you can turn it on and off anytime you want. If you are looking for privacy when it comes to your search history, this would be your best choice,


This one is not recommended for beginners but it delivers one of the best quality encryptions available out there as well as a certificate that show proof that they don´t sell any of your browsing history to third parties such as governments and ISPs.

Giving us free servers on a few different locations around the world, they do not keep any logs of your activity, so in other words you can´t get your information stolen from third parties whether in good banners or bad manners, because the information is just not available anymore. Not only that but they sometimes list all the authorities that have asked them for information, as a transparency company report.

In conclussion, those are what we consider to be the best VPNs for 2019 so far, but just remember most VPNs out there need to make an income out of their apparently free services, and that will go from simple ads getting displayed to selling information to third parties. Also they usually not provide much servers to choose in between in general.

But free VPNs are free whether they are using the newest technology or not so you can go directly try multiple ones yourself and decide after which one is your favourite one! Personally, in most cases if you are really interested about keeping your privacy safe, we do recommend alternative paid versions because if they get clear benefits they can easily invest more in the service.

Having said all of this, we hope that you get what you are looking for in our list of free VPN services for Windows!