Panda Dome Antivirus Review

In the antivirus world, protection is one of the most important quality parameters. This is what users are looking for in any antivirus program, and this is what Panda Dome antivirus offers.

What is Panda Dome Antivirus?

Most antivirus product developers provide their paid antivirus and comprehensive Windows protection solutions for these tests. And only some antivirus solutions are tested in the free version. One of them is Panda Antivirus.

Panda Dome Essential is a new generation home antivirus that combines the capabilities of antivirus and brandmauer. This is the most effective protection for your computer. After installing this program, you can forget about viruses, spyware, and online scammers, you can easily communicate with Internet banks, exchange photos, and videos, make purchases in online stores.

Panda Security has released the new Panda Dome antivirus, a comprehensive home security solution with support for Windows, Mac, and Android. This solution replaces the Panda 2017 line of home antiviruses. The solution is based on a new engine, includes a number of changes and additions in protection options, and also contains a new VPN module. All changes have been made to further enhance security, performance, and usability.

The main difference in the Panda Dome concept from the previous Panda 2017 home product line is that the new solution is not a line of separate products with their functionality, but a single product, i.e. a single platform that, depending on the chosen tariff plan, provides the user with access to certain protection modules and services. Thus, the Panda Dome is a flexible structure that adapts its behavior to the specific needs of the user. As a result, the user can assemble the product for himself: for example, the free Panda Dome Free + the paid Panda CleanUp extension to optimize the PC performance + the paid Panda VPN Premium extension, etc.

The peculiarities and functions of the software

The Panda Dome solution is based on a new next-generation engine. The main difference is the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which allows continuous monitoring of absolutely all active processes and their interaction with each other, regardless of whether these processes are legitimate (reliable) or not. The new engine provides reliable protection against new,  and unknown threats.

Panda cloud cleaner  is an easy-to-use antivirus program with important security features, including:

  • Virus protection, with a firewall;
  • Protection against ransomware (and protection against sophisticated threats);
  • VPN (free or unlimited premium);
  • Parental Controls (for Windows);
  • Password manager;
  • Device optimization tools;
  • Data protection and file encryption settings;
  • Grinding tools;
  • Wi-Fi protection;
  • Identity protection is used to keep your web browsing, shopping, and banking safe online;
  • Unlimited technical support.

USB Drive Vaccine is one of the features added in this update. The USB vaccine scans the removable disk and vaccinates it against harmful filaments; this feature is very useful. You can even activate automatic USB vaccination if you want the removable disk to automatically vaccinate when plugged in.

The update of the software is also very helpful. The update represents the evolution of Panda Antivirus, from a name change to a feature change. The user interface is somewhat similar to the previous one, it looks like the Windows start screen. The user interface is pleasant and easy to operate. Antivirus does not require any configuration, but only your email account as part of registration, it starts protecting your computer from the instance you have installed.

So, the main advantages of the Panda Dome antivirus are its quality of protection and the ability to be compatible with various platforms and devices.