Use the best mobile antivirus to protect your phone!

Imagine yourself living in a huge house where any stranger can enter. Would you feel comfortable? Probably not. Let’s make an analogy with a mobile phone and the stored data. Are you able to keep your device inaccessible for outside interference? This is possible only after installing the best mobile antivirus that will become a shield against spyware, malware or ransomware. When having read this article, you can choose the best mobile security app.

Focusing on the main points of a mobile antivirus

All the mobile security apps should have the following features:

  1. Protection reliability. It is necessary for a program to have a constantly updated database of potentially dangerous software. This can provide up-to-date protection.
  2. Ease of use. An overwhelming majority of people prefer installing antivirus software that has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the security app shouldn’t be loaded with the functions that are difficult to understand for an average customer.

Guided by these criteria, we have compiled a list of security programs that provide round-the-clock device protection. MobiShield is the best antivirus for mobile if you are looking for an application to scan your device completely and to block any malicious activity of other programs. In addition, it allows:

  • performing the system optimization;
  • creating backup copies of user contacts and messages;
  • notifying the user about the phone location in GoogleMaps;
  • locking the device remotedly if it was stolen or lost;
  • checking the wireless networks that the phone is connected to.

MobiShield works in low-power mode that provides scanning the device around the clock. Avira Mobile Security is designed to both protecting your phone and tracking its location. Moreover, it’s the best phone antivirus to ensure the security of your electronic mail.

The program checks all emails and excludes the possibility of any malware uploading via the Internet. The Avira Mobile Security user can count on:

  • checking phone contacts;
  • verifying the relevance of the operating system;
  • data deleting when the device is lost or stolen;
  • activating the sound signal by the user voice when the phone is off the grid.

This antivirus is available for Android and iOS. It’s conditionally free: a mandatory registration is required. Trend Micro Mobile Security provides strong online protection. Above all, the program blocks any attempts to visit potentially malicious sites. The antivirus has a limited free version to create backup copies of user contacts and to transfer them to another device. The premium version:

  • successfully protects the client’s personal data from being stolen by intruders;
  • scans a web page and warns about its possible unreliability;
  • protects the confidentiality of Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • helps to find a lost or stolen device;
  • allows to customize notifications and protection strategy;
  • manages a mobile network (including roaming) and Wi-Fi.

To understand whether the app is suitable or not, you can install the trial version. It is valid for 30 days. To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter which antivirus from the list you will choose. Your phone will be safe, as well as the device data.